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Deluxe Wheelie Wash

Deluxe Wheelie Wash is dedicated to providing a reliable, professional and environmentally friendly bin cleaning service to customers in and around Mackay for a price they can afford.

Our ‘origin story’ is quite simple, really. We found that the weather in Mackay made keeping our own bins clean a big priority, and that it isn’t something most people and businesses can or want to do themselves, at least not to the kind of standards that we had for our own bins.

Simply put, in the middle of summer, they stink! We saw a need, and how we could fill it. The rest, as they say, was history. We hope to become Mackay’s best-loved bin cleaning service, and winning your business might be the next step on that journey.



Tailored Services Pty Ltd

25/06/2021 12:12

Fantastic - Best Services for wheelie bin cleaning

Highly recommend - hygienicaly cleaning - smells amazing