Our Story

Goregional.co was created in Mackay, Queensland by Simone Dakin - a local businesswoman with a problem to solve. 

Simone was looking for an affordable, effective way to market her small businesses in Mackay.  

Local advertising prices had increased beyond her budget and her target audience wasn’t likely to be searching on social media.  A website with ongoing SEO would cost a small fortune, and when she tried to advertise on larger, metro-based platforms, Simone found that regional locations weren't included on their platforms!

Simone decided to create the very thing needed for her business, and to share it with all of the other businesses like hers.  

After much consultation, Simone proudly presents businesses in regional and remote Australia with the chance to be found and to grow – Goregional.co! 

Simone’s goal is to represent more regional businesses than any other directory in Australia, and to be the "go-to" website for discovering products, services & more in Australia's regional areas.


To learn more or to create a listing, give us a call on 07 4837 1263, email us or go to List Your Business.

Simone Dakin