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At Statewide Conveyancing, we specialise in residential conveyancing.  Our team of solicitors and conveyancing paralegals are highly experienced and have undergone rigorous training before working directly with clients.

We take great pride in providing an efficient and friendly service because our clients' satisfaction is our number one priority.  We do this through:

  • Keeping clients informed every step of the way
  • Providing quick and timely responses to calls and emails
  • Providing accurate and useful legal advice in everyday language when required
  • Using proactive planning techniques to be one step ahead and mitigate potential issues


In addition to our strong service philosophy, Statewide Conveyancing also offers:

  • Fixed fees
  • No hidden extras
  • Immediate access to an experienced solicitor if required


Legal Services

  • Towns Agencies
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Building & Construction
  • Loans
  • Family Law
  • Related Party Property Purchases/ Sales
  • Retirement Villages
  • Wills & Estate Planning


Family Law
Wills & Estate Planning


Are verbal agreements binding?
The Property Law Act states that all agreements to sell land in Queensland must be in writing. This includes any amendment to the contract; therefore, if you wish to change the finance or settlement date, this needs to be in writing. Normally the solicitors for the buyer and seller simply swap letters. Notwithstanding, these people can still be held liable for verbal representations if the other person acted in reliance upon that representation. We generally recommend that all amendments and representations be confirmed in writing.
Can I add or delete a name to the contract?
Occasionally after signing a contract, a buyer will realize that he or she wants to either add or delete his or her partner from the contract. This is not normally a problem, providing the seller agrees. The seller will normally agree as to their rights under the contract are not normally affected and there is more chance that the contract will proceed through to settlement. All that happens is that an amendment is made to the original contract and both the seller and buyer initial the change. Previously there was some concern that the buyer would have to pay double stamp duty, however, the Office of State Revenue has confirmed in recent times that there is no additional stamp duty payable. Some solicitors may require a deed of rescission and a new contract to be signed.
Can I take the dishwasher with me when I sell my house?
This will depend upon whether the dishwasher is fixed permanently to the house or is something that is able to be moved around the house with minimal effort. Under the standard REIQ contract, all objects fixed to the house stay with the house unless specifically stated otherwise in the contract. The majority of dishwashers today are built into the kitchen in that there is a specific spot in the kitchen underneath the bench where the dishwasher sits. The dishwasher is then connected to the plumbing with the intention that it does not move. The court has ruled that in this situation, the dishwasher stays with the house. In some of the older houses, the dishwasher is on wheels and is connected up to the taps or otherwise moved out of the way when not in operation. You would be able to take this dishwasher with you. Of course, if you are in any doubt, you or your real estate agent should specify what happens to the dishwasher in the contract.
Do I have to pay land tax?
You often see in contracts where you are buying land from a developer, a clause stating that the developer will not pay any land tax outstanding at the date of settlement but instead will give an undertaking to pay the land tax at a future date. The reason these clauses are inserted is due to the problems developers have had with the Department of Land Tax and getting refunds for overpayment of land tax. While this presents a risk for the buyer, if the developer goes into liquidation, very few developers will delete the clause due to the problems they have had with the Department of Land Tax. Rather than attempt to get the developer to delete the clause, we suggest you check the financial viability of the developer.


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